La Plana House

La Plana House

This project is located at La Plana, the new residential expansion area in Sitges, which is situated at the entrance of the town (highway C-32, exit 30) at five minutes walk from the Railway Station, the town centre and the Ribera Beach.

Urban planning parameters of La Plana urban area have been adjusted in order to present an appealing proposal with its own personality. Conceptually, the project has been thought as the union of two structures stressing the idea of a porch surrounding the house, which in turn provides the base for the building.


La Plana, Sitges



Miquel Mas i Cardona


Carmen Pérez Ortiz


240 M2


The house is developed on three storeys. The basement is intended for the garage while the two above-ground storeys are for the dwelling itself.

The functional programme of a three-bedroom house is developed on the ground floor, and the main bedroom is on the first floor connecting to the lower floor by means of a two-height space.

The ground floor has a porch surrounding the house perimeter, which is designed as an extension of the inside of the house.

The upper floor has a passable terrace surrounded by a green roof.

The outside of the house has a swimming-pool, a garden and a solarium space with new flooring connecting to the swimming-pool.

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